Morgan Smiling...sort of

Thursday, April 02, 2009
Posted by Katie

I finally got a little video of her smiling. She really has a much bigger smile, but she wouldn't grace me with it for this video.

Also, we had Morgan's 2 month well-baby visit on Monday. She is growing up so fast. She now weighs 11 lbs 7 ozs. At Casey's 2 months appointment, he weighed 15 lbs 2 ozs. I almost can't remember what a pain it was to haul him around. I'm glad Morgan is staying on the more petite side. Plus, so far she is pound for pound with Libby so we should stay on track for hand-me-down clothes. Woo Hoo!


sarah said...

It's nice to see a happy little Fluffy Gogan! Her cute little cheeks are really filling out.

Tricia said...


DM2003 said...

What a sweetheart!

Glad her 2 month check went well... sounds like she's doing great :)

The Stutzman Family said...

Yah for petite babies!! I don't know what that is like, though and never will... :)

LOVE that you can utilize the hand-me-downs. That ROCKS!!!