Sunday, April 19, 2009
Posted by Katie

I have a few blog posts to do but they are going to be out of chronological order. I'm still trying to amass all the pics from Casey's birthday.

Here is an assortment from Easter!

Egg Dyeing

Mommy and Morgan (Don't I look tired)

Casey tasting his Bengals egg...with the shell on

Casey's really wanted to eat the eggs, so we let him

Daddy helping Casey with an egg

Casey putting the dye tabs in the fizzy vinegar!

The Easter Basket

Wow Bunny, look at my Easter Basket!

Sesame Street Coloring book and Stickers

Mmmm! Candy before breakfast!

The Chocolate Aftermath

We didn't do a basket for Morgan but she did get a new pack of Easter hairbows. Libby is rocking one in one of the pictures below!

Easter Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

Got One!

Hey, there's a jelly bean in here!
Morgan enjoys the Easter sun!

Libby's Photo Shoot!

Morgan's Photo Shoot!

But I don't want to wear bunny ears!!

Family Time


Uncle Kevin and the Cousins, sporting their matching outfits

Aunt Sarah with Morgan

Relaxin' after his egg hunt


Art and Pam hosted us and Sarah and Kevin for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of them. Thanks for having us though...we had a great time!


Kathy said...

It is neat to check your blog and watch your family grow. Casey is becoming quite a little man and Morgan has changed alot since I saw her. Looks like you had a happy Easter.

kevin said...

WOW! That's a lot of photos. Morgan was all smiles for me on Easter. My little matching girls...

Travis,Sarah & Kaelynn said...

LOVE IT!!!!! Casey looks so darn grown up and Morgan is just a doll!!! Wish I could get my hands on her! She wasn't feelin the bunny ears but i love them! so cute!

The Stutzman Family said...

I heart your family!! I cannot believe how much MJ looks like Casey did when he was a baby!! WOW...they are DEFINITELY siblings :) Looks like you guys had a fun Easter. You were BRAVE doing eggs with Casey. We decided to save that until next year with Jacob ;)


DM2003 said...

LOVE IT!!!! Casey is looking so handsome and grown up! LOVE Morgan's bunny ears :) and I love the pic of MJ and Libby together... so cute!

I commend you for taking on the dying of eggs. We were not so brave.
xo Diane

kevin said...
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sarah said...

GREAT photos! Thanks for posting all of them. I know how busy you are and how much time that takes.

Katie said...

You guys must not have noticed how far away all the egg dye was from Casey on the table. We let him color on the eggs with a crayon and we dyed them. It was a fun family activity none the less!

Candy said...

We were happy to share in Casey's 2nd birthday bash. What a great little guy, and it was great to meet Morgan. Glad she is feeling better.