Quick update

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Posted by Katie

I poked Casey in the face with a fork at lunch yesterday while trying to feed him a smashed up banana. He cried bloody murder, although I barely nicked him and it didn't even leave a mark. He has also started crying at loud noises or when I scold him. If there is a loud noise he first looks to me to see if I am smiling. If I am, all is good. If not, he bawls. 2 days ago he reached for the fireplace screen (for about the 100th time) and I looked at him sternly, shook my finger and said, "NO!" He bawled. This morning I was holding him and he slammed his head into my nose. I know that it caused him absolutely no pain. I, on the other hand, put my hand to my face and moaned a little bit...Casey bawled. I am assuming this is a phase he will outgrow. Most of the time it strikes me as hilarious when he does it, cause I know there is absolutely nothing wrong. I hold him and console him and quietly chuckle. It's really cute though when he does it.

I know I need to do a big blogpost about Halloween, his 6 month pics and such...I promise to do it soon.


Sarah said...

It probably doesn't help when Aunt Sarah can't keep a straight face when he's getting scolded, lol. It's cute that he looks to you to see if he should get upset or not!

Kathy said...

When Kurt was little and would fall down he would look at me, and if I didn't say anything he would cry. If I said "You're alright!!" He would jump up, smile and go on. So I know what you have with Casey.

Project Man said...

Poor Casey Lee!!!!!

joan said...

I think all babies must go through that stage! Maddie gets scared at the strangest thinngs, like the garage door opening. And she comes running to Grandma for protection.