A Week of Firsts

Thursday, September 06, 2007
Posted by Katie

A lot of new things happened this week!
First of all (ha ha) Matt arrived in Iraq. His original mission was supposed to be working in the aid station, but now he is going to be assigned to the Transportation company. This means that he will be riding along with them on their daily convoys and be responsible for any medical emergencies. This could be anything from a bee sting to attending to someone injured in a roadside bombing. Let's all hope he doesn't see any of the later. Here are 2 pictures of his living conditions.

Next, I started Making Casey's babyfood this week. It's really easy and affordable. I invested $30 in a Cuisinart mini-prep and $10 in trays to freeze the babyfood. Otherwise, I am using organic fruits and veggies and it's still cheaper than Gerber. He really likes bananas. Here's a picture of the Baby food trays I am using.

A couple of months ago, Sarah and Kevin bought Casey his first pair of Nike Sneakers at the Outlet mall. Mom (Nonny) put them on Casey for the first time this weekend.

Finally, the biggy, Casey rolled over. I was sleeping and heard him fuss. I checked the video monitor and could see him tossing and turning, but he wasn't awake. He sleeps on his stomach so all I could see was the back of his head. I woke up again about 15 minutes later to him talking a little more. So, then I checked the monitor again...demonic eyes were staring at me. He had rolled over and the night vision on the camera was showing his eyes in super bright white. After I got over the initial shock of thinking that someone was in his bed, I realized he had rolled over. I ran downstairs and praised him. Here is a picture of how I found him. Since then has had done it a few more times on his own while playing on the floor. He only rolls from his stomach to back and towards his right side.


Candy said...

Hooray for Casey! Good job young man.

Sarah said...

He looks very proud of himself!

Kathy said...

This is only the beginning of firsts for that young man. How fun! We will keep Matt in our thoughts and prayers.

joan said...

Go Casey! We'll also pray for Matt. Also check out the award I gave you on my blog!

Project Man said...

Thanks for the update on Matt ~ Katie. That Casey Lee is one handsome fella! I like his new Nikes!