Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Posted by Katie


We had a Monday night party. The Bengals kicked off their 2007 season with the Monday Night Football home opener. It was so much fun and they won. Even if they had not won, it was one of those games that are great to watch.

This picture was taken of the Hulme family in May, the week that Matt left for WI.

Check out Casey and I before the game on Monday...has he grown a little since Daddy left?

Also, Matt is doing pretty well. I will send out another update soon with more info. Here is a picture of him in his vehicle.


Sarah said...

Thanks for taking me to the game. It was so much fun!!!`

Project Man said...

The pictures are great ~ and Matt looks pretty darn good in his battle gear. I am glad he is doing well.

I can't believe how Fast Casey is growing. The Bengals will ID him for a future 1st round "Draft Pick" before long! Possibly a Lineman?