Groundhog Said What?

Sunday, February 04, 2007
Posted by Katie

Ok, so this whole groundhog bit confuses me. Did he see his shadow, didn't he? What does that ultimately mean? For instance, we had a balmy 25 degree day but it was sunny. So, does that mean that "Phil" sees his shadow, and therefore we obviously have a short winter (shadow means there's sun, obvious sign winter is ending)? Or, does that mean that he came out and said, "OH CRAP it's cold," saw his shadow and said, "I'm going to hide from the cold and my shadow during this long winter." Seriously people, someone needs to do a better job explaining all this to kids these days.

In other news, we had a brief visit with Dad and Candy this week. They were in town for one night while in route to KY to pick up a new truck. It was nice to sit down and have Sarah's famous lasagna and chat with the rents.

The puppies are gone. I took them to a new foster last Saturday. This week was lonely without them, but I have not missed taking them out to potty in the super cold weather we've been having.

I also had a pre-natal appointment this week. We did a second gestational diabetes (gd) test, and that came back negative. Bring on the milkshakes. It's pretty amazing really. My Dr. was sure that I would end up with gd. I had my first test at 12 weeks and it came back negative too. Thank goodness for small favors. I'm pretty much enjoying eating whatever I want and am not too keen on the idea of testing my blood sugar and using insulin.

Also, I am currently either right at or still 2 pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight. When I went in for my initial pregnancy test they wrote down one weight and I was already 2 pounds less at my first real OB appointment 3 weeks later. So, it just depends on who is looking at the chart as to how they determine my weight gain/loss.

Finally, my Dr has said that we will probably do an elective induction around 38 to 39 weeks. We are going to start talking about tentative dates at my 32 week appointment. He said it ultimately depends on how my body is progressing, so we shall see.


Sarah said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for an induction at 38 weeks!

Project Man said...

That 38th week will be here before you know it Kate ~ I am sure you are looking forward to it.