Bad Cold!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Posted by Katie

Sorry I didn't contact everyone as soon as I got home from Chile. Unfortunatly, I was under the weather with a terrible bug. I was on the ground in Cincinnati less than 30 minutes and I called my doctor to make an appointment. The flight was horrible cause my head was so messed up. I spent the rest of the weekend on the couch trying to recover. I missed class on Saturday, cancelled dog training on Sunday, and called mom and acted pitiful until she came down to take care of me. I had a serious case of lonliness. I was out of the country all week and when I got home, Matt had to work all weekend, so there was no one to feel sorry for me. Mom showed up with juice, popsicles, a pizza, tissues, vicks, a plug in vicks thingy, and movies. She stayed until 10 on Sunday night and by the time she left I was feeling much better. I went to work yesterday and made it 6 hours before I came home. I think I will be feeling close to normal by Wednesday.


Project Man said...

And to think ~ there are those out there that envy others who get to travel on business. Throw in a case of food poisoning ~ and I have been there. I feel your pain.

I hope you are good a new on Wednesday!

Susan Murphy said...

Glad to hear Cindy gave you some TLC. Somehow that always helps!

Hope you're feeling totally better soon...