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Monday, May 15, 2006
Posted by Katie


Here is the latest, since I am horrible at updating this thing. Not much, and at the same time, tons of stuff has been going on. Each time I get ready to post I'm beat to the punch on Sarah and Kevin's blog though, so I thought I would get a jump this time. School is school. I hate my Psychology instructor is still teaching from a book that they no longer use at my college. That makes things interesting. My Medical terminology class is tedious, but I am muddling through it. I tend to like the English classes best. I had such a good time on my trip to Chile that I am considering taking a refresher Spanish elective next term.

This weekend was my brother Michael Seth's 16th birthday!! It coincided perfectly with Mother's day, so we had a big day. We (Matt, Sarah, Kevin, Seth, Mom and I) all went to the REDs game. It went 12 innings and we lost to the Phillies (boo Phillies). Matt had to go to work so he left at the top of the 10th. The rest of us went to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river for dinner. Even though we had call ahead priority seating, we had to wait about an hour and a half. It was fun though. (I'm sure if you check Sarah's Blog soon there will be pictures on there) We sat around and talked and people watched. It's funny to listen to some of the things Seth says, because his observations are so similar to something Sarah and I would say. Other times they are totally centered around teenage life and that perspective. It leaves you really questioning the whole debate about Heredity vs. Environment.

Now, we are sprinting towards getting the house in order for a visit from Dad this weekend. He has business trips this week and next in Pennsylvania and is driving out here for the weekend. We plan on grilling some good food, playing Cornhole and relaxing.

The dogs are doing well, the cats are getting fat and life is good in the Hulme household. :O)


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