english papers and other life junk

Monday, March 13, 2006
Posted by Katie

Matt and I got our first English papers of our college careers back. We each got an A+. Thanks for all the help. If anyone wants to read either of our papers, email either Me or Matt and let us know. I don't have some of your email addresses so this will work better than you posting a comment. We are each getting ready to turn in our second papers. This time we had to write about an interesting person. I wrote about my ex-step mother and Matt wrote about his fire chief from his volunteer fire department in Roslyn, PA.

In other news, I am now a "foster leader" in the animal rescue organization I work with, HART. This means that I basically serve as a first line of help for people that have foster pets in their homes. At any time I have about 10 people assigned to me. I track behavioral issues, vet appointments, needs (i.e. pet food, leashes, bark collars, crates), and whether they can attend adoptathons. Also I go to most of the adoptathons now to help with the adoptions. It's pretty rewarding, but can make for a long Saturday. I usually go to school for 3 hours and then go stand at a grocery store or petshop for 3-4 hours during the adopathon. No wonder Matt and I never go out anymore.