Behind the Scenes

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Posted by Katie

So, something funny happened yesterday. I wore a patchwork skirt that I have. It's pink and made out of cotton, and kind of feels like wearing sweat pants. Well, I went to the restroom at work yesterday afternoon, washed my hands, and headed back towards my office...when I felt a breeze. Panic hit, and I looked down at my skirt. It seemed fine in the front, laying nicely. Then I reached around back and felt my underwear. I hurriedly pulled my skirt out of my underwear while scanning the hallway for potential onlookers. Fortunately no one was around, but I was laughing so hard by the time I got back to my desk that I announced the whole thing to my coworkers. I always wondered how people did that stuff without realizing it. Now I know.


Project Man said...

Well Kate ~ it could have been worse....... you could have had a toilet paper tail attached. lol