Narrative Essay

Monday, February 13, 2006
Posted by Katie

Thanks to Susan's advice, I think I am going to focus on the things I learned in Iraq. I think I am going to set up my thesis sentence to say something about...I went to Iraq with the expectation that I would learn many things. Then list what I expected to learn (ie. commitment, friendship, struggling through adversity), but then go on to say that the irony is that I learned all of these things from an Iraqi, not my fellow soldiers.

When I get it all ironed out, I will probably post my thesis statement and ask for any feedback.


Susan Murphy said...

That is an AWESOME idea, Katie. What a great twist! I can't wait to read more about it.

Sarah said...

You may want to focus it even more and concentrate on ONE big lesson you learned from Raffi. Just an idea if you feel like you have too much to convey in 2 pages. Good luck!

Project Man said...

I love it Katie! Nothing like a twist to leave a lasting impression on everyone who reads it... Can't wait to hear your story!

Sarah said...

How's the paper going?