Safe Salsa

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Posted by Katie

Before the big salsa scare of 2008, I purchased my very own tomato plants. I decided on 3 varieties, a better boy, a yellow, and a lovely orange option called Mr. Stripey. How can you go wrong with a name like that? Anyway, I was able to harvests my first yellow tomato the other day. I would have had about 10 more by now, but my squirrel friends have decided that I planted the tomatoes for them, even though they are on my deck. I thought the dogs would be my biggest problem...not so.

As of today, I have only gotten 1 red tomato. I picked an enormous green Mr. Stripey, but it isn't ripe yet. My new strategy is to pick them while they are green before the squirrels steal them.


Tricia said...

Thanks for the tomato lesson....can't say I'd seen a yellow tomato before...and I thought it was you who told me TODAY that you like your cottage cheese plain???

Katie said...

Clarification, Tricia...I don't like fruit in my cottage cheese. Tomatoes are the only thing I will mix in. And, I don't want to hear a debate about whether tomatoes are fruit.

Project Man said...

Great picture of you and Matt! I want to grow vehetables but I just know the squirrels will have a feast at our expense. Good strategy on picking them early. Seems Grandpa Roy did that then wrapped them in newspaper and kept them in a brown paper bag until he was ready for them to ripen.

joan said...

Looks like Casey is having a great summer. It sounds like you are too. Great photos Katy!