Valentine and the Crate Divider

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Posted by Katie

We did a poor job of crate training Valentine when we decided to keep her. Mostly because we were dealing with Snickers (who was a terror as a puppy) and just didn't do much to make sure she knew the boundaries of her crate. This summer, when Valentine went away for Board and Train classes at American K9 Performance Academy, our trainer, Lex, reccomended that we get her a crate divider and take away anything soft inside her crate. So, we borrowed Gilmore's crate divider and barely gave her enough room to turn around. She still has had accidents from time to time but this method has really worked. Upon occasion she will pull a blanket, towel or something else soft in from either Snickers' or Daisy's crate and will immediately pee on it, but otherwise, accidents are few and far between. So, last night I broke down and took her divider out of the crate. I did not relent and give her a blanket or towel because I know she cannot handle the temptation. This morning we had a clean here's to hoping that she is finally ready.