Happy Daddy

Sunday, October 07, 2007
Posted by Katie

Matt is doing well. I got this picture in an email on Saturday. Honestly, I hardly recognized him. I hope you enjoy it.

Much to my surprise, Matt called me Friday. I was thrilled. We don't get to talk very often. In fact, the phone tent at his camp recently burned down. What was even nicer, was that his call was free. At the camp he was at, they get a free phone call on the first Friday of the month.

Although I think this is great, the cynical side of me says, "they aren't doing enough for these guys." Why only once a month? With the billions of dollars that have been wasted on this war, is it really too much to ask for each soldier to get one free 10 minute phone call home each week? I recognize that not all soldiers would be able to take advantage of this, but it would be something great to offer.

Instead, AT&T runs a monopoly over there. Their phone tents are the only opportunity the soldiers have to call home. Because of this, they can jack up their prices. I recently bought Matt an AT&T phone card (the only brand that is working there) that had 2500 state to state minutes on it. This translated to roughly 250 Iraq to US minutes...ridiculous! OK, my next post will probably be about how I am learning to just "let things go", but for today, I needed to rant!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to talk to your hubby! yay!!! :)


Pam said...

Scarry picture of Matt. I guess he's going to keep the stash. Pam

Katie said...

Just while he is there. He knows that I won't stand for the stash when he gets back!! He'll have to choose...me or the stash!

Anonymous said...

Har-Har...the stash is staying...It's grown on me (literally) and it'll grow on YOU ALL TOO!

- Matt

Susan Murphy said...

Steve used to have a stash. I don't like them, either!

Matt looks good, though!

And I agree with you, Katie: that phone situation is a crime.